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Life insurance rates online have fallen dramatically over the past few years. Find out what you should be paying for term life insurance rates before you obtain online quotes from agents. We are not life insurance agents, and these are not quotes. We are computer folks, so use our online interface to the same database used by thousands of life insurance agents across North America. Then have an independent agent help you determine the rates for which you qualify.



We are not affiliated with the life insurance industry. We are not representing or advertising for any of the companies listed online. This information was acquired from third parties and is published with their approval. You may not qualify for these life insurance rates online. Use them for comparison only. To obtain a personal quote, please contact a registered life insurance agent.

Here are some more resources about shopping for life insurance.

Those shopping for life insurance quotes in Canada will know that there are many kinds of insurance being offered, including the popular "Term to Age 65" and "Term to 100." Canada Life is a good source for these products.

The advantage of term insurance is that you are not paying for an investment account, rather just for pure coverage. You should also consider your health risk factors. If you don't select the correct company, you might be put into a higher rate classification; this has a big impact on life insurance rates. This old time company has recently become very competitive in term and universal life insurance: John Hancock Life Insurance Company.

Make sure that you have enough life insurance to protect your current income in case you die. Use this insurance calculator to find out how much you should really have. If you would like a summary of life insurance companies, you can find it here.

This company is the largest re-insurer of life insurance in North America: Lincoln National Life Insurance Company. This consumer oriented service has been providing term life insurance comparisons for almost 20 years. But first, we recommend you do some research first, using the tools, articles, and calculators provided at this site..

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