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Accelerated Death Benefits

The basic idea behind a life insurance policy is to leave behind some money for your loved ones after you are gone. They can then use the money at their discretion according to the provisions stated in the policy itself. You should make sure you have accelerated death benefits as a component of your policy. Here's why.

No one can predict the future. Even if you are healthy now, there is no guarantees that this will always be the case. If you contract a terminal illness, such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes or mesothelioma, you can activate your accelerated benefits package. You can then use funds directly from your life insurance policy to cover the added health costs.

Traditional life insurance policies combined with health insurance will not fully protect you if you contract a terminal disease. It is a relief to know that you can meet these expenses without having to go into debt to cover them. If you do not have a policy that includes an accelerated death benefit you will want to talk with an insurance agent today to get more information. The added benefit may have a nominal cost, but many insurance companies will not bill for it until it is activated.

Do your due dilgence and look at other companies and see how they utilize the accelerated death benefits option. The best life insurance companies offer this benefit at no additional cost. So make sure your policy has an accelerated death benefits option.

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